About Us

At Bristol University, we consider education the means to meet the needs of today's changing workforce in the United States and the world.  Through quality higher education delivered by highly-qualified professors, our students will become the successful skilled professionals of tomorrow. 

Bristol University does not consider that education has to be expensive. On the contrary, education should be accessible to everyone everywhere. We are proud to have, in our student body, students from different parts of the world who have decided to either pursue education online or travel to the United States as international students. We have student athletes who strive to excel at their sport of choice and, at the same time, study hard to educate themselves to have better futures.  


Business Office: Mission 

As trustees of the financial records and guardians of the university's assets and liabilities, the mission of the business office is to provide exceptional assistance to students with the necessary services to fulfill their financial obligations to the university while maintaining the university's commitment to an affordable education. These services are provided in accordance with the policies and procedures of the university to ensure sound fiscal responsibility. The business office is dedicated to providing superior customer service to students, staff, faculty, departments, and outside constituents with a focus on accuracy, accountability, availability, efficiency, professionalism, and integrity.