Tuition and Fees

Applicable for all students (as of April 2017)

Degree Programs


Credit Units

per unit

per semester
(4 courses)

Total Tuition* for
the Entire Program

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)





 *Tuition includes on-line library fee.

** 42 credits for students if Bachelor degree is outside Business or Economics 

Certification Program



Total Tuition



9 months



Non Tuition Fees (all students)


Application for admissions fee

$ 25*

Application for admissions fee (VA/GI Bill)


Non-refundable I-20 processing fee for International Students1

$ 200*

I-20 Re-issue non-refundable fee

$ 100*

Experiential learning assessment

$ 300

Registration fee (per semester)2

$ 100*

Graduation fee3  

$   50

Duplicate official transcript

$   10

Duplicate degree

$   25

Duplicate student ID card

$    5

Returned check fee

$   25


* Non-refundable.
1 Applicable to International Students. Students, who are applying at Bristol University under an F-1 Visa and pay the $200 processing fee, will have the $200 credited back to tuition after the completion of one semester.
2 Applicable to the 1st registration; waived for continuous enrollment.
3 Collected upon graduation.

Note: Registration to courses as well as payment of tuition and fees shall be made per term.



Degree Programs

Associate Degree in Business Administration ➤ Bachelor Degree in Business Administration ➤
  • Business Administration Emphasis
  • Sports Management Emphasis
  • Hospitality Management Emphasis
Master of Business Administration ➤
  • Business Administration Emphasis
  • Sports Management Emphasis
  • International Business Emphasis
  • Marketing Emphasis