Featured Professor of the Month: Professor Justin Jennings

Justin Jennings is our newest professor in the Paralegal Program.

Professor Jennings was born in Richmond, Virginia. As a teenager, his family relocated to Chester, Virginia, a small suburb just outside of Richmond where his family still resides to this day. He is the older of two boys although; he and his brother are less than a year apart in birth. As an adolescent, he recalls always being outside and enjoying sports, excelling at both baseball and football. In fact, on his high school football team, he was a 3-year starter at both linebacker and tight end.

After high school, he attended Virginia State University; a historically black college located only about 30 miles from his parent’s home. While attending Virginia State, he majored in Political Science and was very active in many collegiate activities while also working full-time to support his educational aspirations. As a political science major, he loves politics and after completing his undergraduate degree at Virginia State University, he was blessed to work in government on both a state and federal level while obtaining his master's degree. Knowing that eventually he wanted to work as an attorney representing musicians; after obtaining his master's degree, Professor Jennings moved to the small town of Grundy, Virginia to attend law school. Once there, he thrived and took advantage of every opportunity he could to learn more about his future career choice. In 2014, he moved to Los Angeles and again moved in 2016 to San Diego where he now resides with his dog, a 4-year-old English Setter named Verbal. His favorite movie is the “Usual Suspects” which is where he came up with the idea for his dog’s name.

In his spare time, Professor Jennings enjoys many hobbies. He has a love and passion for gardening. At his grandmother’s home in Virginia, he has planted over 20 varieties of lilies and about 8 varieties of roses which he continues to take care of and maintain whenever he has a chance to go home. He is a big saltwater aquarium enthusiast and before leaving for law school maintained a 280-gallon saltwater aquarium. Furthermore, just recently he has begun to collect art focusing his attention on purchasing street art by up and coming artists such as Frank “PaperFrank” Dunson, Bryan “BlueTheGreat” Blue, and Paul “ThanksNYC” Cooley.

Thus far, he has enjoyed living in California working with the Bristol family, faculty, staff, and students. They are rapidly becoming a part of his personal life. He has always aspired to inspire others and looks forward to helping the students of Bristol University realize their full potential and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

To read more about Professor Jennings, visit our Staff and Faculty website.

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