Students will be required to acquire their own textbooks for undergraduate and graduate programs. Bristol University does not include the cost of textbooks in tuition for these programs.

The textbook required for each course, including the ISBN number, the title of the textbook, the edition, and the author's name, will be listed in each course syllabus. Students are notified prior to enrollment that the cost of the textbooks will not be covered in tuition.

Prospective students are further notified that the cost of each textbook will be expected to be anywhere from $75.00 to $180.00. This information will be published on the enrollment agreement, in the student handbook and catalog.

Purchasing or Renting Text Books
There are a wide variety of excellent vendors that offer new and used textbooks at competitive costs. Here are a few for you to consider.

This is our textbook information: Master list of textbook

Degree Programs

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  • Sports Management Emphasis
  • International Business Emphasis
  • Marketing Emphasis